10 Common Stereotypes About Africa


The Kenyan journalist Maurice Oniang’o identifies 10 common misconceptions and stereotypes about Africa that are believed to be the “true” representation of the continent. They are, in short: 1. Africa is a country; 2. Africans speak African; 3. Man and wild animals live together; 4. All Africans live in huts; 5. Lack of technology; 6. All Africans are dark skinned; 7. Africa is a continent full of corruption, poverty and war; 8. All african countries are poor and depend on aid; 9. Africa is a desert 10. Africans share a homogeneous culture. These stereotypes are still deeply rooted  in the culture and social memory of Western people, and it is not easy to modify them through the usual information and educational tools.

Photo: Mkimemia (en.wikipedia)



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